November 10, 2017 | Holly Yalove

VIEO Design Careers: New Job Posting

Have you ever read one of our blog posts and thought, "Those VIEO folks seem like fun... I wish I could work there"? Well, friend—your day has come. Check out this new opportunity to join VIEO's work family as one of our Content Marketing Strategists. If you think you'd be a great fit, let us know by completing the online application, or share with friends or colleagues who would enjoy joining our team.

 VIEO Design is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Knoxville, Tennessee with a reputation for industry expertise and exceptional customer care. We work with regional businesses and national clients providing a variety of marketing services including web design and development, SEOinbound marketing, content marketing, PPC, digital advertisinglogos, and branding.

We're also a tightly-knit team of digital natives who love to discuss Game of Thrones fan theories, 3D printing, and the nuances of typography. Being a part of our team requires humor, a passion for driving client ROI, a healthy sense of fun, and a personality that thrives in a dynamic work environment. If that sounds like your kind of place, apply today! 

 Apply: Content Marketing Strategist



Holly Yalove

Holly Yalove

As VIEO’s chief strategist and one of our principals, Holly Yalove serves as the head digital and inbound marketing strategist for our clients. She has used her extensive management, sales, and marketing experience to dramatically increase our digital marketing business, helping us become the well-rounded agency we are today.

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