October 16, 2014 | Emily Winsauer

VIEO Grows: Meet Branden Stanley and Lauren Nelson

Branden Stanley and Lauren Nelson

Technically, you’ve already met Lauren Nelson – until recently, she was our Graphic Design Intern, and she has since been hired as a Graphic Designer! Everyone at VIEO is delighted that we get to keep her, and she says she’s pretty happy to be here, too.

"Personally, I’m thrilled, and couldn't be in a more perfect working environment. The VIEO team made my internship experience feel like home and my logical next step. Our team’s enthusiasm, spirit, graciousness to clients, and street smarts are second to none," she told us.

“VIEO creates the perfect environment to unleash my creativity,” Lauren continued. “I look forward to working with our clients, becoming a part of a great team. To say that I am excited about the future of VIEO is an understatement."

Isn’t she sweet? That’s just one reason we’re so excited that VIEO gets to be a part of her future, too. Also, she writes great blog posts!

Branden Stanley: Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

We’re also lucky to have Branden Stanley, the newest addition to the VIEO Team! As VIEO’s Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Branden will be working with potential customers to find the marketing and web design services that will best serve their diverse businesses. As an expert creative strategist, Branden is the perfect person to help our clients elevate their Big Ideas!

She came to us after 6 years with E.W. Scripps, where she worked first as a Digital Media Designer and then a Digital Media Specialist. In those roles, she honed her skills in digital advertising and managing national digital accounts.

“I’ve always worked at big, corporate companies, so this is a totally different environment for me,” she says. “I'm always drawn to places where there’s a lot of creativity. I like to be around people who aren’t stuck in the ‘churn and burn’ approach to projects, but take the time to be creative.

We know that Branden’s practical experience in design and digital campaign management will give her an advantage in helping our clients achieve their marketing goals. Her imaginative, innovative approach digital marketing fits in perfectly with VIEO’s focus on Inbound Marketing.

“I’m really happy about the opportunity to learn more about the areas of marketing that I didn’t specialize in at Scripps, like content marketing and website design. I really like the idea of coming in to work and growing and learning.”

Branden and her husband Jason recently welcomed their first child, their son Ridge. Ridge made a dramatic entrance during the 2014 ADDY Awards, which as a member of the Knoxville AAF Board of Directors, Branden was responsible for planning. Needless to say, it was a big night for her!

When Branden and Jason have a night off from caring for Ridge, they enjoy hosting parties for family and friends or spending time hiking and boating. She also loves to bake, and even earned a culinary certification from the University of Tennessee just for fun. Crafting is another of Branden's favorite pastimes, and she can often be found scouring Pinterest for holiday decoration ideas.

We know that both Branden and Lauren will be great additions to our team, and we're excited about working with both of them for years to come.

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Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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