December 19, 2019 | Nikki Sneed


The ranks of VIEO Design have expanded once again — this time to include a brand new Business Development Representative! In response to a growing demand, we’ve been searching far and wide for just the right person with enthusiasm, charisma, digital marketing knowledge, and competitive bowling skills (seriously, you have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for a ringer to round off our VIEO bowling team — we’re coming for that 2020 league trophy)!

Luckily, Jessica Jardin has been chomping at the bit for a career specializing in showing off her stellar digital marketing/advertising skills and her pin-clearing perfection.


Jessica (who, much like Business Development Manager Mitch(ell) Transue), appears to answer to both Jessica and Jess, although we suspect she may answer to anything shouted loudly enough at her — results of this test are still pending. Another similarity Jess shares with Mitch is that Knoxville is not her native home.

New York City-born, Jersey City-raised Jessica has bounced around the East coast searching for the perfect blend of great food, street art, mesmerizing culture, and friendliness. Finally realizing the truthfulness of the “Southern hospitality” stereotype, Jessica declared Knoxville as her new home in 2018 — and hasn’t looked back since.

As Business Development Representative, Jessica embraces her new home’s hospitable reputation to work closely with clients and potential clients to tailor personalized service packages, deliver measurable results, and create custom growth-driven digital marketing solutions.


Meet Jess(ica)

Jess graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Media Communications at 20 years young from Full Sail University and immediately put her new degree and her passion for promotion, mixed media communications, and digital marketing management to use by co-founding her very own promotions agency.

Four years later, with an incredible amount of unique experience in client development and management, digital design, and branding services, Jessica is ready to put her expertise to work helping you determine the best approach to web design, development, and inbound marketing for your company.

Much like Mitch (we know, the similarities are beginning to get spooky), Jess hit the ground running and has already begun proactively helping us meet our web design and inbound marketing goals.

Jessica now specializes in connecting with VIEO’s clients to expertly assess their needs and offer targeted solutions that bring their visions to life. As Business Development Representative, she draws insight from the latest industry and market research, best practices, trends, and analytics to illustrate how VIEO’s range of services can help businesses meet their goals – whether it’s increased brand recognition, customer engagement, or sales.

When not haunting the lanes of her local bowling alley or spending copious amounts of quality time with her fiancé, daughter, and “dog-ter,” Jessica can be found venturing parks and green spaces or gardening in an attempt to develop the much-coveted “green thumb” of her grandparents. (The string of deceased cacti left in her wake shows that she has much work to do on this goal.)


Despite her inability to keep foliage alive — we have a team assisting with her succulent obsession as we speak — we are thrilled to welcome Jessica aboard and cannot wait to see how she helps VIEO Design grow and thrive in Knoxville’s web design and digital marketing world.

We’re beyond happy to see our team grow once again and look forward to building stronger, more successful companies through better marketing. Now that you’ve met Jess online, say hello in real life! Use the calendar below to book a quick meeting!



Nikki Sneed

Nikki Sneed

As VIEO's content marketing strategist, Nikki Sneed creates content strategy for VIEO and our clients. She works with the content team to create, document, and revise creative content strategies that help clients and customers better understand each other.

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