July 26, 2018 | Rachel Vaughn

VIEO Grows: Meet Jordyn Rector

For marketing strategies to be truly effective, customers need to be matched with the best methods for their businesses. When our team needed to expand (again) to accommodate growing demands, we had to find the right person to help bring awareness to our range of exciting services and forge strong client relationships. Lucky for us, Jordyn Rector came to VIEO Design as our new Business Development Representative. 

Meet Jordyn

Originally from Florida – or the Australia of America, as it’s commonly known by exactly one person who wrote this blog post – Jordyn has persevered through the threat of heat stroke, alligator attacks, and hurricanes with deceptively friendly names to join us in Knoxville.

As the newest member of our BizDev department and, inevitably, the Kenny Rogers (Roasters) tribute dance team, Jordyn provides much-needed support to our Business Development Manager. Most often, that means working closely with prospective clients to assess their needs and provide the best solutions to help meet growth-driven marketing goals. Sometimes, though, it involves tasty vegan desserts and an encyclopedic knowledge of underground wrestling power moves.

A man holding a cauliflower in one hand and a banana in the other.This image comes up in the search results for "vegan wrestler."
The resemblance is uncanny.

When she isn't making smoothies by physically crushing fruit into a commemorative Dale Earnhardt travel mug, Jordyn also takes time to confer with members of our Web Development, Design, Content, Strategy, and Project Management departments to gain further insight into how they each weave together (👍🏽) to inform the business development process.

Jordyn's creative and thoughtful approach to sales and marketing can be credited in part to her B.F.A. from the University of North Florida and a diverse professional history that includes work as a painting instructor, flight attendant, and wax museum curator. She understands from experience the varied and specific challenges of attracting different buyer personas, and engaging with them in unexpected ways.

A gif of people dressed as birds of paradise.

We’re happy to see our team grow once again and look forward to building stronger, more successful companies through better marketing. Now that you’ve met Jordyn online, say hello in real life! Use the calendar below to book a quick meeting!

Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As the content marketing manager for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brought serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she wrote for VIEO and our clients. She recently relocated to Seattle on new adventures!