December 12, 2017 | Rachel Vaughn

VIEO Grows: Meet Lindsay Elsten

2017 has been a breathtaking year for VIEO, with a wide scope of exciting new digital marketing and web design projects, long-awaited site releases, and insupportable fashion choices. And since we don’t have plans to ever stop pairing tuxedo jackets with cut-off sweatpants (you can pry them from our cold, dead hands), we thought it’d be prudent to focus efforts on further growth for our award-winning team. 

Lindsay Elsten joins VIEO Design as our newest Client Success Manager, slinging deadlines, spearheading team coordination, and leading milestone achievement on our projects. It’s a challenging job, but her background as an underground fight club organizer for the native Southern flying squirrel population has prepared her to shoulder fast-paced and urgent demands with grace and aplomb. 

A flying squirrel captured mid-jumpDeath from above.

In addition to her background in training small rodents to battle for peanut M&Ms and Instagram views, Lindsay brings with her solid account management and digital agency experience, a degree from UT in public administration, and a professional philosophy that emphasizes customer success through teamwork, creativity, and communication. 

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay comes to us from the exotic (local), faraway (neighborhood) shores of Knoxville, TN, where she’s lived for the past 6 years. Originally from Greenville, SC, she has roots in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Cades Cove, where her family has lived for generations.

We’re delighted to have her on Team VIEO, bringing fresh insight and enthusiasm to our client projects and relationships, and can’t wait to head into the new year with her account management expertise, love of local business, and helpful tips for making squirrel fight playlists that get you pumped.

“The Southern flying squirrel is a discerning creature,” according to Lindsay. “They love Michael Bolton, but before he sold out.”

When she’s not working alongside our gaggle of content writers, web designers, and business development pros to produce rewarding outcomes for our customers, Lindsay spends her time painting, kayaking, and serving as a member of several great organizations, including Girls, Inc. and the Cades Cove Preservation Association.

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Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As the content marketing manager for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brought serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she wrote for VIEO and our clients. She recently relocated to Seattle on new adventures!

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