September 22, 2015 | Emily Winsauer

VIEO Grows: Meet Rachel Vaughn and Katie Friedman

vieo grows

It's true. VIEO Design has been invaded. At formerly empty desks, new MacBooks now sit humming away. Previously-vacant shelves now contain cheeseburger phones, bobbleheads, and framed photos. And while we’re delighted to welcome these mysterious interlopers into our office, we're somewhat less excited about their idea for an office holiday photo shoot involving peregrine falcons—just kidding! We’re delighted to introduce our newest creative team members: Rachel Vaughn and Katie Friedman.

Rachel and Katie joined our Content team in August, respectively taking on the titles of Content Marketer and Content Coordinator. They swiftly commandeered a corner of the office and started writing and editing the great web, blog, social media, and long-form content that VIEO produces to meet our clients’ inbound marketing needs.

Recently transplanted from San Diego, CA, Rachel specializes in creating engaging, on-brand content born of a love of Googling and the rapid-fire communication of ideas, information, and bad puns across all platforms. Her writing and editing experience spans a wide range of industries, including enterprise software, consumer tech, travel, education, beauty and cosmetics, and home improvement.

Originally, Rachel wanted to be a lawyer. But after graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in Legal Studies, followed by a start in copywriting soon thereafter, she happily changed course and hasn’t looked back since. She's the first to admit that if she’s honest, she probably would have made a terrible lawyer anyway.

“I’m excited to further my professional development while producing content for new audiences and honing my skills in a collaborative team environment,” Rachel says. “I think VIEO will be the perfect place for that since I was first drawn to the company’s portfolio of high-quality work, inclusive employee culture, and general lack of pantsuits.”

The other half of our new dynamic duo, Katie Friedman, joins us from Charleston, SC (though she’s originally from Memphis), where she recently earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies. Although she enjoyed a range of activities during her time at the College of Charleston—including working at the Charleston Farmers’ Market and leading community service events—Katie is naturally drawn to writing and editing. With her keen eye for grammar and a soft spot for social media, she is eager to sharpen her skills and build professional relationships with her new colleagues.

During a break in her social media duties, Katie expressed her delight at joining the company, saying, “I love VIEO’s commitment to 'Elevating Big Ideas,' and I can’t wait to be a part of it.” Change is afoot this fall at VIEO Design and we couldn’t be more pleased. Also, terrified.

Get to know our newest team members a little better:

rachel vaughn headshot

Name: Rachel Vaughn
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Best Thing about Moving to Knoxville: The jingle.
Favorite Social Network: Medium by day, Vine by late night impulse to watch people sing at their pets for six-and-a-half seconds at a time.
Desk Aesthetic: Austere dystopian flea market.
Content Motto: "Get It Right"

katie friedman

Name: Katie Friedman
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Best Part About Moving to Knoxville: All the mountains. Mountains everywhere.
Favorite Social Network: I’m an Instagram whiz kid.
Desk Aesthetic: Skull mugs and succulents.
Content Motto: "Get It Tight"

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Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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