July 3, 2018 | Rachel Vaughn

VIEO Grows: Welcome Cody Rose

Building eye-catching, seamlessly functional websites for our clients requires a fine balance of design, development, and – on occasion – graceful and elegant jazz hands. When we began looking for a junior front end developer to join our team at VIEO, we were happy to find Cody, whose skills allow him to bridge the space between UX/UI design and development. His jazz hands, incidentally, are impeccable.

Meet Cody

Codé Rosé, as he was formerly known, was an up-and-coming child star – the darling of the Ice Capades circuit – until his ankles gave out during one fateful matinee performance. In search of new direction, he decided to leave the Midwest and an extensive athleisure wardrobe behind, to pursue a bachelor of fine art, painting, and drawing from the University of North Florida. 

Now living under his legal name, Cody Rose has since moved to Tennessee and joined our team of all-stars (and the occasional all-clovers or all-rainbows) at VIEO Design. He works from our office in Knoxville, under direction of our Lead Developer, slinging HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code to build better websites. The results are stylish and responsive sites that act as powerful growth-driven marketing tools, helping our clients increase customer engagement and stand out from the competition.

 A male figure skater poses on the ice.

“Web development is constantly changing and growing, so there’s always something new to learn or improve upon.” – Cody Rose (not pictured)
Also not pictured: Codé Rosé

 Suspiciously good at Cards Against Humanity, Cody’s success in this arena can be attributed to his focus and quiet, professional approach of “sizing up the project, laying out the framework, and getting specific,” along with a campaign of unblinking and silent intimidation. He is relentless. All of the VIEO team are simultaneously unnerved and intrigued.

We’re excited that he’s decided to join us and look forward to making more responsive, beautifully-designed and developed websites for our customers.

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Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As the content marketing manager for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brought serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she wrote for VIEO and our clients. She recently relocated to Seattle on new adventures!

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