February 20, 2018 | Rachel Vaughn

VIEO Grows: Welcome Max Willner

One fringe benefit of having an incredible team is that when we begin looking for a new member to join us in marketing and pun-related excellence, we’re also able to draw incredible talent. Another benefit is quick access to the creek behind our office, where we hope to one day install a very short zip line. But before realizing our dream of thrilling low-speed adventure, we needed to grow further to support SEO strategy and ad campaign management for our clients. To that end, we’re excited to welcome Max Willner as our new Digital Marketing Manager.

Meet Max

Max – short for Maximum – Willner is originally from Memphis and the mystifying Central Time Zone. After moving to Kentucky for college, he relocated to Knoxville to escape his evil twin, Minimum Willner, and attend UT while finishing his degree. After completing his B.A. in English with a focus on Creative Writing, Max quickly entered into federal witness protection and began a career in digital marketing. 

His experience as a content writer, website and AdWords manager, digital marketing consultant, and marketing coordinator in a variety of industries gives him a nuanced understanding of not just the SEO, advertising, and social media aspects of results-driven marketing, but the process of building content tailored to meet our clients’ goals and engage their ideal buyer personas.

He’s looking forward to helping our clients make a bigger impact in the coming year with a working philosophy that values specialized solutions resulting from collaboration and creative problem-solving.

An avid backpacker and hiker, Max loves exploring the winding mountain trails of East Tennessee with his dog, River. However, his habit of wandering the outdoors and courting the ever-present threat of deer ticks is often counterbalanced by his irrational prejudice against all non-hiking-related activities. He’s been known to throw empty bottles of Cheerwine at hot air balloons and write scathing letters addressed directly to the Bering Strait. It’s super weird.

Passengers on a glass bottom boat view sea life. “I have two passions in life. Number one: verbally harassing sea life during glass bottom boat rides. And number two: that’s it. Number three: I forgot about writing. And Ender’s Game trivia. After that, though, it’s just screaming at the ocean.

Number four: math.”

– Max(imum) Willner


We’re delighted to have Max join our award-winning digital marketing team at VIEO Design and are eager to help our clients optimize their websites, social media, and branding for more success in 2018!

Rachel Vaughn

Rachel Vaughn

As the content marketing manager for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brought serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she wrote for VIEO and our clients. She recently relocated to Seattle on new adventures!

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