March 26, 2014 | Holly Yalove

VIEO's Maria Talley Moves On to New Adventures!

Goodbye, Maria Talley!

Maria TalleyThe VIEO Design team is feeling bittersweet as we say goodbye and offer our best wishes to our good friend and former Internet Marketing Project Manager Maria Talley.

Maria is now pursuing a new career opportunity with Radio Systems (the parent company of PetSafe) as an Internet Marketing Specialist.

We're excited for her that she gets to focus her considerable skills solely on digital marketing and social media, and we know that her passion for Internet marketing will be a valuable addition to the Radio Systems team.

Maria Talley and MaxMaria's Scottish Terrier Max (also featured in our photo collage) was a welcome visitor to the VIEO office on occasion, so we're excited for Maria that she can have him with her full time at her new job.

We recently celebrated Maria's years at VIEO with a goodbye lunch held at a local Japanese steak house, which you can see in several of the pictures above. Love the hat, Maria!

At lunch, we shared laughter and tears as we reminisced about VIEO's "cozy" years in a smaller office with a much smaller team.

VIEO Mardi Gras

We will miss Maria a great deal, and we wish her much success in her new adventures! At least we know we can all keep in touch via social media.

Due to Maria's departure, we will soon be posting a new position for an Inbound Marketing Project Manager.

Until further details are available, if you would enjoy becoming part of a zany team of digital creatives who love helping customers elevate their Big Ideas, let us know by filling out our Careers Application.

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Holly Yalove

Holly Yalove

As VIEO’s chief strategist and one of our principals, Holly Yalove serves as the head digital and inbound marketing strategy for our clients. She has used her extensive management, sales, and marketing experience to dramatically increase our digital marketing business, helping us become the well-rounded agency we are today.

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