September 4, 2019 | Nikki Sneed

VIEO Takes Over HubSpot’s INBOUND 2019: Welcome Party & Day 1

On Tuesday, two lucky VIEOians, Business Development Manager Mitch Transue and Content Marketing Strategist Nikki Sneed, packed up and jetted off to beautiful Boston for a week jammed with interactive, educational sessions from industry leaders, networking with marketing’s brightest stars, and, of course, nightly happy hours! 

What is INBOUND, you ask?

INBOUND is an annual event uniting super curious, eager professionals with industry thinkers, high-octane activities, and boundless educational sessions. Packed with more than 250 speakers, INBOUND is designed to reshape the future of inbound marketing with interactive forums, explosive energy, and empowered ideas. 

Welcome Party

No conference would be complete without an opening night party to kick off the week’s sessions and get the blood pumping for the amazing opportunities to come — and INBOUND is never one to disappoint! 

A special spotlight on Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the critically-acclaimed Eat, Pray, Love and upcoming City of Girls, ignited the fires of inspiration by her sharing her personal story of love, loss, and just carrying on through a sea of struggles. 


After Gilbert’s incredible welcome, a swarm of enthusiastic individuals from all kinds of industry specialties was unleashed on the main conference floor primed and ready to exchange ideas and information, learn the newest trends, and see the many updates and advances to the tech, sites, and apps we rely on daily. 


INBOUND 2019 Day 1 

The first full day of INBOUND19 began with a spotlight on Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, who welcomed attendees, offered advice to fellow entrepreneurs, and spoke about the importance of paid family leave for all employees — the powerhouse’s newest endeavor — and how talking about families can ignite the spark of inspiration in even the toughest “business dad.” 


When the interactive break-out sessions began, our bold VIEOians split up to take advantage of the 250+ speakers — as much as two people can. 

Our Favorite Sessions of the day

“Making It Last: How to Future-Proof Your Content” 

Speaker: Mighteor Founder & CEO Elizabeth Giorgi 

Takeaways: Often companies, organizations, and especially marketing departments spend so much time talking about the next “big thing,” the newest products, the future in general — and that is the fastest way to make your content dated. So how do you optimize your content to ensure it has a long life? Flip your thinking!

  1. Reflecting on the past and on our shared culture truths is the most efficient way for a brand to tell its story and transcend the insane content ecosystem. 
  2. Your voice is your greatest asset because it’s the one thing that never goes out of style. 
  3. Always create content with a focus on transparency, bravery, and badassery — whatever that means for your brand!
“Buyers Buy Outcomes: Why Your Sales Messaging & Process Attract Undesired, Price-Obsessed Customers”

Speaker: Stimulyst Founder Liz J. Simpson

Takeaways: How do people buy? With their hearts. People make emotional buying decisions that they then justify with logic. That’s why it’s vital to speak to customers in their own language, meet them where they are on their own terms. How do we, as marketers and salespeople, do that? 

  1. Be an aspirin, not a vitamin. Always be reactive. When clients come to you they are looking for the solution to a problem — solve it. If you do, the next time they have a problem they’ll come back to you for the answer. 
  2. Digital disruption is here — and it’s powerful. By that, we mean that 67% of the B2B buyer’s journey is done digitally and 84% of CEOs and VPs use social media to make purchasing decisions. We have to meet clients in the digital spaces they are searching, and that may mean specializing in a specific industry. 
“Magical Content: 7 Secrets to Content That Generates the Greatest Results, ROI, and Lasting Impact”

Speaker: Marcus Sheridan International/IMPACT President/Partner Marcus Sheridan

Takeaways: Most content fails to generate real results and ROI. And the question is, “Why?” There are specific types of content that generate the highest financial ROI, especially when it comes to sales teams integrating content into the sales process — this content is called “magical content”, and it’s a powerful tool. So, what is magical content? 

  1. It Starts With Sales 
  2. It Answers a Buyer’s Most Basic Questions 
  3. It Never Tries to Sound Smart 
  4. It Always Feels Unbiased
  5. It Addresses The Buyer's Obvious Fears and Reservations
  6. It Takes The Buyer on a Journey
  7. It Has a Singular Obsession with the Customer

The dynamic VIEO duo can't wait to learn even more valuable tips from the impressive speakers and innovative sessions of #INBOUND19 — and network with awesome professionals like you. INBOUND has grown larger than ever before. With all the excitement, four days may not be enough!

Want learn even more about the powerful tips and tricks we’ve already picked up? Let’s chat! We’d be happy to share! And we’ll be back at it tomorrow with even more, just for you. Read our INBOUND Day 2 blog here.

Interested in learning even more about HubSpot and INBOUND? Schedule a meeting with Mitch now — he'd love to share even more about what HubSpot's incredible software can do for your company!

Nikki Sneed

Nikki Sneed

As VIEO's content marketing strategist, Nikki Sneed creates content strategy for VIEO and our clients. She works with the content team to create, document, and revise creative content strategies that help clients and customers better understand each other.

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