November 1, 2013 | Emily Winsauer

VIEO Wins Big at the Big Wig Awards!

Big Wig Awards Knoxville

This year’s Big Wig Awards were a big victory for VIEO!

The Big Wig awards are an annual awards show sponsored by AAF Knoxville, the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation. The awards were created to recognize the “unsung heroes” of the advertising community, and voting for Big Wigs is open to the public to allow clients and customers to vote based on their positive experiences with each business and individual.

VIEO Design Big Wig AwardsOnce again, our lead designer and owner Paul Gibson won Best Web Programmer! He also won in 2010 and 2011, so we feel pretty confident that it’s true.

Another one of our owners, Holly Yalove, was voted Most Likely to Be My Boss in 10 Years. Since she currently is our boss, we’re hoping that means that lots of our advertising colleagues would like to work with her too!

Fellow VIEOans Casey Owens and Melanie Chandler were both nominated for Best Intern – they may not have won, but since both are now full-time Design and Marketing Associates, we think their skills are obvious. We're also proud that VIEO's John Goethert was nominated for Best Media Buyer.

We were excited for our friend and collaborator Colby McLemore who walked away with the Best Photographer trophy. If you want to see a sample of his work, take a look at our staff photos!

We did manage to take one group picture - from left to right, you can see Tim Lott, Angie Goethert, John Goethert, Casey Owens, Laura Owens, Paul Gibson, and Amanda Gibson.

Big Wigs VIEO Design

If you want to view the full list of winners and nominees, click here. Also, visit our Awards page to see some of our other achievements!

Want to see why we won? Check out our portfolio and let us know what you think in the comments!

Emily Winsauer

Emily Winsauer

As VIEO's content director, Emily Winsauer was responsible for content strategy for VIEO and our clients for over 5 years. She recently moved to Seattle where she's still creating compelling content in her new role.

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