October 20, 2015 | Katie Friedman

VIEO's Worst Writing Mistakes


Don’t let those polished blog posts fool you; even the most meticulous writers commit content faux pas on a daily basis. With so many rules to consider, it’s almost instinctive to second-guess a comma or forget how to properly capitalize a title now and then. Hey, it happens. Thankfully, most mistakes are fairly harmless, and there’s relatively little shame in their correction.

Unless you work at VIEO, anyway, in which case shamelessness is in the job description.

Look, while we’d all love to be flawless, there’s only one Queen Bey (it’s me, obviously). Mistakes are an inevitable part of the writing process, and so we proudly own our blunders, learn from them, and laugh about it later.

So here they are, for your entertainment and ours: VIEO’s worst writing mistakes. Snicker, share with your friends/colleagues, and learn from the error of our ways.

1. Forgetting the Buyer Persona

Even we are guilty of this one. Clear topic in mind and coffee in hand, we sit down at our desks, set fingers to keyboards, and start whipping up paragraphs. To avoid monotony, we fill our sentences with allusions to pop culture icons or refer to complex data that only a very specific audience would understand, and then—however unintentionally—we leave our buyer persona hanging.


Sorry, sometimes we just get so excited about writing that we overlook the intended audience a bit. We’re working on it.

Of course, you should include some personal flair in your blog post, but there is such a thing as being superfluous—and it’s important to know where that line is. If you’re ignoring your buyer persona, then you’re probably crossing it.

2. Missing the Music

If you browse through our blogs, you’ll notice that each VIEOan has a specific writing style. Some of us prefer choppy one-liners, and others string together long, elaborate sentences that can leave our readers breathless (I’ll be the first to say that I’m guilty of this one). Each type has its charms in moderation, but without the other, the rhythm of a paragraph can become repetitious.


Think like Gary Provost and imagine that writing is like making music. Now that you’re drunk in love with your buyer persona, vary your unique rhythm and keep them hooked on your content.

3. Not Proofreading

I know, I know, I know. As if we haven’t misbehaved enough, here we are making the most embarrassing mistake of all: forgetting to proofread. In our struggle to put our thoughts into words, we accidentally hit the wrong key, leave behind the g of a gerund, or even use “its” without the appropriate context. Then, perhaps worst of all, we submit the incorrect document to our editor.


You might know the difference between “there,” “they’re,” and “their,” but those rules won’t do you any good if you forget to proofread. It’s a simple, yet crucial step, and while we might not judge you (much) for avoiding it, your readers will notice the lack of attention.

Just remember, you can’t run the world without a solid sense of humor and an irreplaceable editor. A ferocious dance routine and multiple costume changes don’t hurt either. 

Beyonce demonstrates her ferocious dance routine.


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Katie Friedman

Katie Friedman

Though Katie is no longer with VIEO, in her time as a content marketing associate she was our grammar, spelling, and punctuation queen. She used her considerable skill to write and edit blog posts, premium content offers, and much more for both VIEO and our clients.

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