April 11, 2012 | Holly Yalove

Website Security: Is WordPress Safe?

website security

Do you know what software was used to build your website? Many business owners don't, but most prefer a website powered by a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS website is the type that the average person is able to update and maintain without having to have special techie skills.

The most popular CMS in use on the web today is WordPress. WordPress is a free open source website software built on PHP and MySQL. That last tidbit is just in case you happen to be a techie.

Is WordPress Vulnerable To Hacking?

Hackers enjoy searching out and exploiting security holes. Because WordPress is supported by a vast community of users who quickly report problems, WordPress is actually more secure than others. But, as with any software, basic security steps need to be followed to avoid getting hacked.

WordPress takes website security very seriously and provides regular updates to address any new security concerns. The key to avoiding potential security risks is to keep your WordPress installation up to date. Many website companies like ours train clients how to update their sites and provide webmaster services for clients who prefer to have help.

How Do You Keep WordPress Websites Updated?

In recent years, upgrading your core WordPress software and plugins has been made even easier. It is a one-click procedure and your website dashboard provides a visual alert to indicate an update is needed.

If you do not have a webmaster or hosting plan that includes website back-ups, be sure to back-up your website regularly and always make a quick back-up of your website prior to making software updates.

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Holly Yalove

Holly Yalove

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