August 19, 2013 | Maria Talley

What Is Facebook Edgerank and Why Does It Matter?

What is Facebook Edgerank

Do you ever wonder why your Facebook News Feed displays every like, share and non- friend comment from certain friends while other friends' activity isn't being mentioned at all? Why is your personal News Feed targeted by unfamiliar brands that sell products you frequently buy from other companies? And how can Facebook help you introduce your company's products to potential buyers?

Facebook News Feed allows you to display posts about your products and services to consumers. To get your posts to the top of the News Feed, Facebook created an algorithm called Edgerank that determines where and what posts appear on each individual user's News Feed. The three variables that make up this algorithm are AFFINITY, WEIGHT, and TIME DECAY.

AFFINITY measures the relationship between the story creator and the user. The closer the relationship, the higher the score. That is why you are more likely to see status updates from your family and close friends than from the high school classmates you added to your friends list long time ago but never speak to.

WEIGHT is assigned to post types. For example, posts containing plain text get lower weight compared to the posts with links to the external websites. Photo and video posts have the most weight and therefore score the highest on Edgerank.

TIME DECAY measures post's age and assigns higher scores to the newest posts in order to keep your News Feed fresh.

Why Does Edgerank Matter?

- 96% of your followers don't go back to your page after initial engagement, making it important for your brand to appear in their News Feed
- Your post is 40-150 times more likely to reach followers in their News Feed than your page
- 27% of all user time spent on Facebook is spent looking at the News Feed

We can successfully apply Edgerank formula to establish closer relationship with our followers by posting engaging visual content and asking simple opinion-driven questions.

Test out posting at different times of day and track engagement with your posts to help you reach your audience just at the right time. Knowing what posts appear in user's News Feed and when will help improve your company's brand presence in social media and boost website traffic.

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Maria Talley

Maria Talley

Maria Chueva Talley is a long-time friend of VIEO and guest contributor to our blog. She was VIEO's Internet Marketing Manager for several years, and has recently moved on new internet and marketing adventures.

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