August 5, 2014 | Holly Yalove

What to Do if Facebook Is Down (Hint: Don't Call 911)

What to Do if Facebook Is Down

What to do if Facebook is down? Please don't call 911.

Facebook was down for about 30 minutes on Friday, August 1st, 2014 (a date that will live in infamy) creating slight panic and causing some users to vent their anger on Twitter with the #facebookdown hashtag.

Users in Los Angeles even made the news when they began calling 911 for help, sparking a reply from local law enforcement stating the obvious (for some):


Some Twitter users questioned whether people would really call 911 to report the inability to access their beloved social network. Unfortunately, it was true:


The Twitter user known as "God" joined in the widespread discussion and mockery, poking fun at Facebook junkies and complaining about the outage.


In fact, mentions of #facebookdown hit 109,088 on the fated day, but is now trending down as Facebook lovers have been able to return to their routines.

Topsy Analytics for #facebookdown

Out of curiosity, I checked the Facebook Twitter account to see what they had to say for themselves, but found no mention of the incident. As of Monday morning, Facebook hadn't tweeted since July 31st, but has since tweeted once - about the upcoming Oprah Winfrey/Steven Spielberg film The Hundred-Foot Journey.

According to the Facebook status page, the cause of the outage was related to Facebook "experiencing an issue that is affecting all API and web surfaces," and now appears resolved. Whew!

Does anyone remember the giant blue whale of death that used to rear its head when Twitter was overloaded? Personally, I'm surprised outages don't happen more often.

But to answer your question about what to do if Facebook is down? Wait. It will be okay. Just ask God.

While we're talking about Facebook...

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