August 12, 2013 | Maria Talley

WordPress Update: What’s New with Version 3.6?

WordPress 3.6, featuring a new blog-centric theme and a revamped revision browser, is now available to all users! Let’s take a peek at the new landscape:

1) New Theme: Introducing Twenty Thirteen

The new default theme puts the focus on your content with a colorful, single-column design made for media-rich blogging. The flexible layout allows for consistent viewing across all devices, from cell phones and tablets to big screen TVs.

wordpress update

2) Improved Revisions

With 3.6, it’s easy to compare two revisions from any point in time: now you’ll be able to see who changed what parts of your content and when. It’s also easier to restore a revision and go back to writing. Now you can be confident that no mistake is permanent!

3) Improved Autosaves for Each User

This new feature helps prevent lost work for any reason and saves changes both locally and on the server.

4) Better Post Locking

Always know who’s editing with live updates that appear in the list of posts. And if someone leaves for lunch with a post open for editing, you can take over where they left off!

5) Improved Support for Audio and Video

New Media Player allows sharing your audio and video with the new built-in HTML5 media player. Upload files using the media manager and embed them in your posts without relying on the external servers. Embed music from Spotify, Rdio, SoundCloud, and other sources.

On top of the above features, WordPress 3.6 allows many more “under the hood” improvements that are not on the surface. In case you are interested, these hidden updates are listed in the WordPress Codex.

Since WordPress 3.6 is focused mainly on features vs. security updates, we recommend waiting about a week to run your updates. This will give software developers plenty of time to iron out possible system errors associated with the new features.

If your current website provider doesn’t offer security updates, VIEO Design offers VIEO Support Plans that include nightly backups and software updates as well as content maintenance at reduced hourly rates.

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Maria Talley

Maria Talley

Maria Chueva Talley is a long-time friend of VIEO and guest contributor to our blog. She was VIEO's Internet Marketing Manager for several years, and has recently moved on new internet and marketing adventures.

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