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Growth-Driven Marketing by VIEO Design

American Bedding

Inbound Strategy Starter Marketing Plan for Brand Recognition and Business Growth


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Project description:

Going to the mattresses


American Bedding Manufacturers, Inc. is a leader in the industrial furniture industry providing high-quality, comfortable bedding and furniture to camps, shelters, missions, and other institutions.

Prior to working with VIEO Design, American Bedding used inbound marketing methodology and the HubSpot CRM with another agency. Unfortunately, they weren’t meeting their goals of attracting, converting, nurturing, and delighting new customers as well as American Bedding hoped for — so they turned to VIEO for help with growth-driven marketing assistance with a focus on brand recognition and expertise.

American Bedding Marketing Results
VIEO Design help grow American Bedding


After six months working with VIEO, American Bedding earned:

  • 62%
    increase in new contacts
  • 95%
    Increase in session-to-contact conversion rate
  • 27%
    increase in organic website traffic

the work:

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

American Bedding desired a comprehensive inbound marketing and SEO strategy to generate more leads, better understand their buyer personas and connect with their audiences, and raise keyword rankings and overall site traffic. Our award-winning team reviewed their goals and suggested the Inbound Strategy Starter Plan as a way to build a solid foundation.

As is standard with the Inbound Strategy Starter Plan, the VIEO team began by completing:

  • Comprehensive SEO & content audits
  • Competitor & keyword research/analysis
  • Email & content marketing strategies
  • Buyer persona development
  • Editorial calendar creation
Let us help you excel at your marketing goals
American Bedding chose VIEO's Inbound Strategy Starter

The work:

A Strong Foundation for Future Growth

After reviewing the results of extensive research and laying a strategic foundation for marketing goals, we began working toward their goals. American Bedding now has a strong comprehensive strategy with aggressive goals based on increasing ROI and generating more leads. In fact, they were so pleased with the process and results of the Starter Plan, American Bedding began retainer marketing services to keep VIEO involved in their ongoing marketing efforts. 

In addition to SEO efforts, we began content marketing endeavors aimed at increasing domain authority and keyword rankings. VIEO’s content team created a pillar page, edited many older blogs for featured snippet opportunities, and began writing blogs and emails targeted to American Bedding’s personas.

The results:

Exceeding Aggressive Goals

Over the course of our time together, American Bedding has seen marked improvement in many areas, most notably keyword rankings — one of their original strategic goals. In just six months of working with VIEO on keyword, SEO, and content strategy, American Bedding gained impressions, increased clicks, earned more featured snippets, and increased website traffic. Additionally, American Bedding’s Mandi Decker reports that they have enjoyed not only a significant uptick in overall traffic to the website but also a higher quality of the generated leads. 

increase in impressions
increase in clicks
featured snippets
increase in new contacts
increase in session-to-contact conversion rate
increase in organic website traffic


What the Client Says

““We feel really cared for by a team of highly-trained professionals. They give us tons of data and even make suggestions for aggressive goals to set for themselves, rather than waiting on us to express dissatisfaction or stagnate progress. With VIEO, we get a professional team that sets very specific goals, creates a detailed action plan, and then works with our in-house marketing people to ensure it gets done quickly and affordably.”"

American Bedding
Mandi Decker
American Bedding
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