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  • Web Design Success Guide

    Web Design Success Guide

    Why: You know good web design is more than just pretty visuals. If you're about to tackle a new website design, you may be wondering what items you should be taking into consideration and how to approach them.

    What: Our Web Design Success Guide outlines the major issues you should have in mind when your new design process starts. With decades of experience in website design and maintenance, we hope our insights will help you on the road to a web design success story!

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  • Inbound Marketing Master Class

    Inbound Marketing Master Class: Crafting Effective Buyer Personas by VIEO Design

    Why: Buyer personas are the key to inbound marketing ROI. They help you target your ideal customers across all your marketing activities, and they increase the impact of your content, social media, and even sales efforts.

    What: In 7 detailed steps, create buyer personas that are accurate, easy to use on a daily basis, and specific enough to guide your marketing strategy.

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  • Expert Inbound Marketing Assessment

    Expert Inbound Marketing Assessment

    Why: Some things are hard to track—but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you don't know how effective your digital marketing efforts are, or you're unhappy with your results, do something about it!

    What: Our team will be happy to take a look at your current marketing, no strings attached. We'll check out your website, your social media presence, and even your competitors and tell you where, and how, you can improve and earn better results.

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  • Website Redesign Checklist

    Website Redesign Checklist: 10 Keys to Inbound Marketing Success

    Why: Great design and marketing prowess can go hand-in-hand. By combining engaging design with targeted content and a clear marketing plan, you can be sure that both you and your customers get what you want.

    What: Get real answers to questions like: What metrics do I need to track to know if I'm succeeding? How do I keep my project on schedule? How do I avoid taking an SEO hit and losing my search rankings? How do I guarantee that all my efforts produce solid ROI? How do I keep visitors on my site and convert them into leads?

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  • How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

    How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

    Why: Innovative, effective inbound marketing campaigns build strong and lasting relationships with prospective customers and current fans alike.

    What: Learn how to develop a successful inbound marketing campaign that targets your buyer personas, integrate it across all of your content platforms, and build great relationships that lead to long-term customers.

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  • 2019 Social Media Image Templates

    2019 Social Media Image Templates

    Why: A number of social media networks have changed their image sizes this year, leaving lots of business profiles looking what we like to call "janky."

    What: These PSD image templates for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube go beyond guidelines to actually help you or your designer create the social media images you need. But we included some guidelines, too.

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  • Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey by VIEO Design

    Mapping Content to the Buyer's Journey by VIEO Design

    Why: Mapping your content to the buyer persona's journey is about targeting your ideal customer's needs, desires, and concerns at different stages of the purchase process—and when you execute it well, the final product is irresistible.

    What: Our buyer's journey worksheet lays it all out, from persona to final product, complete with suggested content formats and blog post types. Brace yourself for more views, more conversions, and more customers!

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  • VIEO Checklist: Achieve Email Marketing Success

    VIEO Checklist: Achieve Email Marketing Success

    Why: It's easy to send a mediocre email, and it's not difficult to sent a great one. Most people get dozens of emails every day from all kinds of businesses, and email marketers must contend with the recipient's friends, family, and social media notifications as well as each other for attention.

    What: We've identified 6 keys to standing out from the inbox clutter and using email marketing to reach people who actually want to hear what you have to say.

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  • Your Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Facebook Business Page

    Your Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Facebook Business Page

    Why: A carefully-crafted Facebook business page is a great marketing tool, and there’s no reason you can’t have one of the best!

    What: Learn how to optimize your Facebook business page for search, post relevant and engaging content for your fans, listen to your audience to build engagement, connect with other companies and industry leaders, and increase your page’s visibility across your web presence.

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  • The 5-Day Meal Plan for SEO Success: Recipes and Daily Workouts for Marketing Director

    The 5-Day Meal Plan for SEO Success: Recipes and Daily Workouts for Marketing Director

    Why: Just like diet and exercise, SEO doesn't work if you only do it once in a while. This 5-day plan for marketing directors will help you build a lean, strong web presence and keep it healthy over the long haul!

    What: Learn how to methodically strengthen your performance with search engines, including what makes content "high quality," what user metrics to track, how social media is related to SEO, and (best of all!) which technical improvements you can hand off to a developer.

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  • SEO Report Card Tool

    SEO Report Card Tool

    Why: Your website is the face of your business and you've spent a lot of time making sure it represents the company perfectly. Wouldn't it be a shame if all that hard work were for nothing because your site isn't found by search engines? Luckily, Search Engine Optimization changes can make sure Google is putting your site in front of the right customers at the right time.

    What: This completely free SEO Report Card tool from VIEO Design takes the guesswork out of your website analysis by measuring your site against your competitors within minutes for keyword rank, backlink analysis, load speed, and much more! Learn quickly whether your site is making the grade or needs to be assigned extra homework!

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  • SEO Local Listings Scan Tool

    Local SEO Scan Tool

    With more than 100 online business listing sites out there, inconsistent information about your company can really hurt you. Luckily, fixing inaccurate listings helps Google see you as more trustworthy and helps potential customers find you wherever they are searching.

    This free local listing scan tool from VIEO Design will search your online business listings for inconsistencies and let you know exactly what you need to do to fix errors and optimize your online presence and branding.

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  • 50+ Ways to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

    50+ Ways to Boost Customer Lifetime Value

    What: Get access to our master list of ways to increase customer lifetime value (CLV), organized by broader strategies and drilling down to specific tactics with supporting resources.
    Why: Thanks to Google Sheets, we keep our list up to date with new ideas and resources as we find them. You can easily save your own copy to refer back to, make notes, and track benchmarks.

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  • resource-pic-case-study


    Why: Improving our clients’ ROI is our daily focus and we'd love to share some examples with you!

    What: See some of the work we've done and the results our clients achieved!

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  • Expert Website Assessment

    Expert Website Assessment

    Why: If you're not happy with your website, your intuition probably isn't wrong. On the other hand, maybe your website is great, but it isn't bringing in traffic, leads, and customers like you want ... sound familiar?

    What: Our experienced design team will examine not only your website, branding, and layout, but how you're using calls-to-action, where you might be losing customers, and what you can do to improve.

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  • Expert SEO Assessment

    Expert SEO Assessment

    Why: Are you struggling to rank against your competitors online? Are you publishing content, but your results are lackluster or inconsistent? Do you have absolutely no idea what keywords you rank for? These are SEO problems, and they're more common than you think.

    What: Search engine optimization (SEO) is intimidating, but you don't have to be an expert yourself to do something about it. We'd be happy to analyze your site and walk you through what you can do to improve your performance in search engines so that not only visitors, but your ideal potential customers, can find you online.

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  • Expert PPC Assessment

    Expert PPC Assessment

    Why: A lot of businesses struggle to get the ROI they're looking for from pay-per-click and other forms of digital advertising, but that's often because they aren't applying the inbound marketing approach. PPC can produce results and fit in seamlessly with the rest of your digital presence.

    What: As experts in both inbound marketing and PPC advertising, we'd love to discuss how PPC could fit in with the rest of your marketing, how to create campaigns and ad copy for your persona, and how to compile keyword groups that will deliver the best ROI. As always, no strings attached—just great advice.

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  • Guided HubSpot Demo

    Guided HubSpot Demo

    Why: There are a number of logistical challenges to running inbound marketing campaigns, from email personalization to smart content to ROI tracking. A closed-look marketing platform like HubSpot that does it all is the perfect solution.

    What: Through a live demo, we'll show you exactly how HubSpot works and what it can do for you. Get as granular as you want—we can discuss all of your questions, brainstorm ideas, and show you how we use this powerful software for ourselves and our clients. 

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