Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing and marketing automation

If you haven’t seen the results you want from your email marketing efforts, it’s time to change your approach.

There's no doubt that email marketing gives you huge bang for your marketing buck. For the last 10 years, studies have consistently reported that email marketing offers the highest ROI of any marketing channel, and that margin only increases with email marketing automation.

Every potential customer is different, and powerful automation tools like HubSpot allow you to nurture your marketing leads individually until they're ready to buy. Using real-time marketing data, you can provide relevant and timely contextual marketing experiences to every contact in your marketing database.

How Inbound Email Marketing Is Different

If we were to play a little word association game and I said "email," changes are pretty high that you'd think of spam. At the very least, you'd think of your own overflowing inbox. 

There are emails you get and instantly delete, while you open emails from certain companies every time you receive one. The difference is whether they consistently bring value to you. 

With inbound marketing, email is never a way to push your brand in front of ambivalent consumers; rather, it's a tool to nurture your relationships with people who want to hear from you. 

As your list grows, your network of potential customers and brand advocates expands. These people are your most engaged audience, and they not only buy, they share your content and refer other people to you.

Automation Amplifies Your Marketing Strategy

 Marketing automation can include anything from email workflows triggered by a form submission to smart content fields that change based on whether the viewer has visited your website before.
Naturally, software that helps you set goals and track your progress is essential. We work with our inbound marketing clients to set specific, measurable goals, and then we build strategic email workflows to support those goals, nurturing leads with content tailored to their interests at just the right time in the buyer's journey.
Contextual marketing using HubSpot's smart content capabilities makes these efforts even more effective. By tailoring content to your buyer persona at different stages in the buyer's journey, you can make sure your message is almost as personalized as if you were delivering it face-to-face.


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