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the data makes the difference

Many SEO practitioners sell only one-size-fits-all services, so they can execute quickly and move on to the next client. Our growth-driven approach to SEO begins with your website data. We look at the entire picture of your site’s rankings—from how it was structured during the development process to the content, keyword placement, design, competitive landscape, and of course your Google Analytics and Search Console. Our Knoxville-based SEO team leverages all of this data to create a comprehensive search marketing strategy tailored to your web presence.


ethics & experience

If you're shopping for SEO services, you may have come across companies that promise to "get you on the first page of Google"—by any means necessary. What they don't say is that those methods often have negative long-term consequences for your domain authority, page rankings, and customer experience. We avoid risky tactics that can get you penalized, and know how to identify and prevent sloppy mistakes like writing pages that compete with each other for the same keywords.

Located right here in Knoxville, Tennessee, our team is led by an expert with more than 11 years of experience in SEO: our chief strategist, Holly Yalove. Unlike companies that contract SEO work out to remote freelancers, Holly and our in-house search marketing experts handle all of your needs themselves. If you're ready to discuss SEO services, our business development team will work with you to put together a detailed, transparent quote that covers your needs without any surprises.

VIEO would love to be your SEO partner for the long haul. Just say hello to explore the options!

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case study: alcopro seo

All elements of AlcoPro's business, from ecommerce to product repair to training programs for drug and alcohol testers, rely on organic traffic to connect with customers—making search engine optimization absolutely key to their success.

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