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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key part of everything we do, from inbound marketing campaigns to website design and copywriting. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have replaced phone books, encyclopedias, the library reference desk, and even calls to mom (who, as we know, is always right).

By SEO-optimizing a web page or blog post, you make it more likely to appear in the organic (unpaid) results delivered by search engines. And that's a big deal—75% of searchers never leave the first page of search engine results.

SEO is like exercise.

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Everyone knows they should be doing it ... but most people don't. It's only one part of a healthy lifestyle, and it's not very effective if you don't do it consistently. While neither SEO nor exercise can fully overcome bad habits, you can't be in good shape without them.


There's a lot involved in doing SEO right, because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and new SEO tools are always in development. In a world where 89% of online customers use search engines to make purchase decisions, staying up to date on SEO is more important than ever. So leave keyword stuffing in 1998 where it belongs, and work with experts who revisit our strategy and tactics on a near-daily basis.
Basic on-site SEO alone won't be enough for most businesses to achieve their goals. It isn't easy to move up in rankings, and it doesn't happen quickly. But when you consistently update and add to your site content through on-page SEO and strategic blogging, the effect becomes exponential.

What does work?

If SEO is the exercise (gotta keep things tight!), content is the healthy diet. By regularly producing engaging, shareable blog posts and informative website pages that include your target keywords and easy-to-rank-for long-tail variations, you increase your website's authority with search engines. Social media, inbound links, and even your own internal linking structure are more valuable tools for healthy SEO.
Search engines are trying to provide the best, most relevant content to their users. Luckily, you're not trying to reach all of those people... just the ones who are your ideal customers. Having a clear buyer persona and known how those people are searching for your services makes it much easier to outrank your competitors for key terms.
There are a number of tools that we use to test, analyze, and improve SEO. HubSpot is the most powerful, but we use a number of paid tools to get the most accurate data and the best possible results for all of our clients.

In the world of SEO, increasing rank on major search engines depends on two things:

  1. On-site SEO, which consists of optimizing your website content so that it is prioritized by the major search engines. 
  2. Consistent content creation (like blogging), which increases the pages indexed by the search engines 

One time on-site SEO is typically not enough to compete for rank, though it does give your website a better chance. For the fastest results, monthly on-site SEO needs to be paired with strategic, keyword-driven blogging. Together, these tactics add optimized pages to your site over time to strengthen your authority with search engines, and correct the SEO errors that pop up periodically as search engines change. A comprehensive approach like this will improve your chances of outranking your competitors for industry-related keywords and phrases.


VIEO's SEO Services

While we do offer à la carte SEO services to complement your ongoing efforts, our focus is more balanced plans that are designed to produce the most predictable, reliable results. We also offer consulting services if you want a detailed professional analysis with clear action points before you make a decision.

Initial vs. Ongoing SEO

If monthly services are not feasible, we offer Initial On-Site SEO to create a solid foundation for your ongoing in-house efforts. Initial On-Site SEO is a one-time service performed over a 30-day period. It includes keyword research, set-up, analysis, and the same on-site SEO activities we would normally execute on a monthly basis for retainer services; we also target high-priority issues like duplicate page content, crawl attempt errors, server errors, and client errors. Ongoing SEO services are check the same boxes, but we are able to monitor issues and address them as soon as they pop up so they can't impact your search engine rankings.

On-Site SEO Activities

Performed one-time or monthly based on the plan you choose:

  • Local Search Optimization (if applicable) - We create local business listings on the sites, apps, and directories that factor most into local search engine results. To accomplish this, we work closely with someone on your staff to get access to any existing listings so that we can re-verify, find, and resolve any duplicate listings. Scan your site now to see how your business is listed.
  • Initial Keyword Research - We will work closely with someone on your staff to identify the top 10 keywords or phrases to target and optimize your site content around. Although we can track more than 10 keywords as part of your project, we focus on a "top 10" list chosen to drive the most profitable leads and provide you the best chance for top rankings. 
  • Keyword Rank Tracking - As part of monthly services, we track up to 200 keywords against 2 of your competitors' websites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Keyword Research & Monitoring - As part of monthly services, we continue monitoring your rankings for your target keywords and phrases, changing focus as necessary when new opportunities are discovered. 
  • Crawl Error Monitoring & Correction
    • High priority issues like duplicate page content, crawl attempt errors, missing titles and 404 errors deserve immediate attention because they could be preventing your website from achieving the ranking it could.
    • Medium priority issues make your website more difficult for search engines to crawl and index; they include missing meta descriptions, temporary redirects, and page titles that are too long, too short, or duplicated. 
    • Low priority issues are things such as URLs that should be shortened for optimal results.
  • 27-Point Page Optimization - As a part of the initial SEO services, we optimize your top 10 pages against 27 points of data known to impact search results. Monthly services include up to 10 new pages each month.
  • Link monitoring - We monitor outside websites that are linking to your site to find and combat spammy links (which can hurt SEO) and track high authority links (which help SEO). Ongoing monitoring is only included in monthly services.
  • Domain Authority - As a part of monthly SEO services, we track your domain's authority against your competitors and take steps through the work listed above to continue improving it.
  • Web Traffic - As a part of monthly services, we monitor your site traffic weekly for trends in traffic sources which give us insights on areas of improvement.  
  • Reporting - With initial SEO services, we provide a baseline and final report. With monthly services, we create and provide monthly reports and meet with you to discuss progress and insights. 
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We know this is a lot to take in—that's why we offer free SEO assessments, no strings attached. Just click below to schedule your call with one of our SEO experts.

Get free help from a real SEO expert. Click to request an SEO assessment.