Brian Greer, VIEO's Search Marketing Director

Brian Greer | Search Marketing Director

As Search Marketing Director, Brian Greer's industry experience and SEO savvy help to increase ROI for our clients. Our inbound marketing processes rely on knowledge, adaptability, and solid strategies to foster growth. Brian's targeted search marketing expertise gives us an edge in creating better, more impactful web design and content.


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Professional Background

Brian has honed his mighty search marketing skills through previous positions at East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, where he worked in Web and Social Media, and as a member of Internet Expert Marketing Group. As an SEO specialist with valuable and widespread insight into how customers search the web, he's well-equipped to add even greater impact to the web design and inbound marketing services we offer here at VIEO Design.

A firm believer that success can’t be achieved through half measures, Brian Greer is committed to helping us build even more effective marketing strategies, so our customers can enjoy greater engagement, sales, and brand recognition in a competitive marketplace.

Personal Side

When not working to improve search visibility and SEO rankings for our clients' inbound marketing strategies, Brian Greer can be found time-traveling, running (from the sleepless eyes of justice), making films, and playing video games. He enjoys mispronouncing words – for comedic effect, he says, but we haven’t heard yet whether his wife and kids agree.