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Daisy "Digital Daisy" Elsten

VIEO Office Dog

Daisy is a charismatic mix of pitbull terrier and excitable jelly roll who can often be found gracing the VIEO office, spreading good vibes, patrolling under desks, and collecting head rubs.

Desk Aesthetic: Squeaky Toy

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Professional experience

Dr. Elsten holds 17 honorary degrees, most of which are imaginary, including a PhD in admiralty law. Her wealth of accomplishments is the natural result of a scholarly disposition and a total inability to read. 

Daisy is always happy to liven up a typical work day or provide snack clean-up during our monthly office parties. Where she lacks in project management and marketing experience, she makes up for it in sheer effortless indifference.

Personal Side

When not at VIEO, ruthlessly pursuing her professional goals, she maintains a rigorous schedule of napping, staring at walls, and modeling the latest in avant-garde canine fashion.

Awards & certifications

Most Likely to Eat Your Chips (by office vote)