John Goethert | Inbound Marketing and Traditional Media Manager

John Goethert | Senior Inbound Marketing Project Manager

John Goethert, VIEO’s senior inbound marketing project manager, has more than 25 years of diverse experience in graphic design and publishing, and he enjoys using his varied expertise on behalf of our clients. Whether he’s the worker bee or the one managing the hive, John will go the extra mile to help you achieve the results you want.

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Professional Experience

After receiving a degree in graphic design from the University of Tennessee, John started his career building corporate identities as a graphic designer. He quickly expanded his skill set and began leading teams of designers, web developers, and writers to produce national newsstand-style magazines, which included coordinating the supporting sales and marketing infrastructure.

John is a certified inbound marketing and email expert, and also leads marketing projects in “traditional” advertising media, including magazines, newspapers, and billboards. He has a strong background in marketing, public relations and media management, as well as technical expertise in digital design, magazine production, and photo retouching. If you need marketing and design support in integrating traditional advertising with digital marketing such as inbound and email marketing, John is your man.

Personal Side

A loving husband and father of two wonderful children, John loves outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, and greenway biking, but his favorite pastime is mountain biking the trails of East Tennessee with his kids. He also enjoys photography, hunt-and-pecks on the guitar, remains active in his church’s leadership, and “recycles” bicycles for donation to neighborhood kids or charity.