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Lauren Nelson

Senior Graphic Designer

As one of VIEO’s graphic designers, Lauren Nelson works with digital and print media to produce innovative designs that connect with their target audiences. Though illustration projects are her favorite, she's happy working on whatever our clients need. In her words, "I just enjoy making whatever design I can look really good!"

Desk Aesthetic: Harajuku Grumpy Cat

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Professional experience

Lauren received her associate degree in communication graphics technology from Pellissippi State Community College in December 2014, but she had been working with us as an intern for a while by the time she graduated.

Because she’s so skilled at illustration and premium content design, Lauren works on a variety of digital and print materials for VIEO Design and our clients. She excels at using color and typography to create fresh, engaging layouts and design elements that grab the eye and reflect the client’s brand and goals.

Personal Side

Originally from Nashville, Lauren enjoys painting and drawing in her free time, often working with spray paints to create large graffiti-style pieces. She loves playing Call of Duty and Halo, and is devoted to her pet rabbits, Bunneh and Chief. Lauren is VIEO’s resident printed-legging expert, and has been known to wear gold shoes.

Awards & certifications