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Lauren Nettles

Content Marketing Strategist

As VIEO’s Content Marketing Strategist, Lauren works with clients to ensure their digital marketing needs are met through creative, impactful, search engine-optimized content that aligns with their business goals. Using an approach that combines personalized attention with data-driven insight, she adapts the latest industry trends and analytics to develop customized content plans that are effectively targeted toward building engagement, brand recognition, and sales conversions. 

Desk Aesthetic: Bohemian Folk Rap Music Video

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Professional experience

Lauren has an eye for detail, solidified by her background in editing and publishing. Since earning her bachelor’s in entrepreneurship from UT Chattanooga and a master’s in publishing from University College London, she has worked as both a managing editor and marketing and communications manager. Her time at HarperCollins in London and various Chattanooga-based magazines has helped to prepare her for the challenging, continuously evolving demands of growth-driven marketing.

Lauren is excited to assist local businesses in reaching broader audiences and increasing their marketing success through savvy content strategies. Her aim for every project is to ensure that the content we create at VIEO isn’t just relevant to our clients and their customers, but timely and interesting.

Personal Side

When she's not dropping hot bars to defend her title for "#1 Mixtape About Billowy Textiles," Lauren enjoys games of all types: desktop, tabletop, video, and Hunger. She can often be found relaxing at home, embroidering Prussian war chants onto discarded velour tracksuits.

Awards & certifications