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Max Willner

Digital Marketing Manager

In his role as Digital Marketing Manager, Max provides digital ad strategy, campaign management, and SEO support for our clients. To help build ads and other content that engage visitors and improve ROI, he applies data-driven insight that allows us to create incisive, effective plans that boost clicks, conversions, and sales. His desk plant, Bob, provides fresh oxygen for impromptu yodeling competitions.

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Professional experience

Max brings his experience as a content writer, website and AdWords manager, digital marketing consultant, and marketing coordinator to VIEO’S award-winning team. His work across a variety of industries gives him a nuanced understanding of not just the SEO, advertising, and social media aspects of results-driven marketing, but the processes of building content tailored to meet our clients’ goals and engage their ideal buyer personas.

He helps our clients make a bigger impact with a working philosophy that values specialized solutions resulting from collaboration and creative problem-solving.

Personal Side

Max spends much of his free time hiking and backpacking through the East Tennessee wilderness, writing sci-fi, and reminiscing about his days as the world's foremost Ender's Game trivia expert. When out on his adventures, he's often accompanied by his dog, River. When at home, he is largely disdained by his cats, Spectre and Minerva.