Mitche Transue points to his cd.

Mitch Transue | Business Development Associate

Originally from Northern California, where gingers are often hunted by suspicious farmers who believe they create an unnatural strain on local sunblock inventories, Mitch Transue found refuge here in Knoxville 8 years ago. He joins us at VIEO Design as our Business Development Associate. In this position, he works closely with our Director of Business Development to proactively meet our web design and inbound marketing goals.

Desk Aesthetic: Kenny Rogers (Roasters) Dance Team Shrine

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Professional Experience

While at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Mitch earned his B.A. in advertising with a minor in business administration. His keen interest in current and evolving business practices, social media marketing, and website development are a great fit for our needs as our agency continues to grow. 

Mitch now spends his workweek writing proposals, crafting presentations, vetting leads, and conducting client research to help optimize our business development processes, so we can be even more agile in response to industry demands and emerging trends. And so far, he’s done an excellent job of managing his new responsibilities on top of an already packed schedule covering up his dicey past as a black market marsupial smuggler.

Personal Side

When not rehearsing tirelessly with our office Kenny Rogers (Roasters) Tribute Dance Team, Mitch enjoys spending time outdoors. An avid runner, hiker, and maker of music, he’s well-prepared for the life of a folk singer on the run from zombies. His dog, Knox, often accompanies him, providing photogenic canine genes for Instagram shots.