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Rachel Vaughn

Content Marketing Manager

As a content marketer for VIEO Design, Rachel Vaughn brings serious research chops and boatloads of personality to everything she writes for VIEO and our clients. In particular, she spends her time writing blog posts, website pages, workflow emails, and other marketing materials designed to engage readers and help them connect with VIEO and our clients.

Desk Aesthetic: Austere Dystopian Champagne Bar

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Professional experience

When not hoarding chai lattes or making bad puns, Rachel specializes in creating incisive, useful, on-brand copy born from a love of Googling and the rapid-fire communication of ideas and information across all platforms. Originally, she wanted to be a lawyer. However, after graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a degree in legal studies and getting a start in copywriting shortly thereafter, she happily changed course and hasn’t looked back since.

Rachel’s writing and editing experience spans a wide range of industries, including custom software, consumer tech, travel, education, beauty/cosmetics, and home improvement. She’s even done a few brief stints as a technical writer, QA tester, and newspaper editor. Her varied background and interest in exploring new topics easily drive her enthusiasm for writing.

Personal Side

Rachel enjoys road trips, diaspora literature, and ranking Nicolas Cage movies by the extravagance of his hairpieces (Season of the Witch still reigns supreme). She has a rabbit named Bunnyoncé who lives a life of indolence with consistent access to free parsley. A recent transplant from San Diego, Rachel continues to regard sweet tea with a measure of distrust, though she’s come around to groundhogs and the jingle.

Awards & certifications