Roxy Muffin Winsauer | VIEO Office Dog

Roxy Muffin Winsauer | VIEO Office Dog

Roxy is a shepherd mix who occasionally turns up at the VIEO office to greet our visitors and make sure there are no crumbs under our desks.

Professional Background

Though she doesn't have any formal professional experience, Roxy is excellent at using those big brown eyes to guilt people into giving her food. 

Roxy's biggest contribution to the VIEO Design team is her interpersonal skills. She's happy to be friends with any living thing (Lauren's pet rabbit can attest to her non-violent approach to other species), and she tends to handle conflict, and reprimand for that matter, by walking away nonchalantly.

Personal Side

When she's not at VIEO, Roxy is mostly laying around at home. She loves watermelon, is afraid of the fireplace, and can be found up on Emily's bed whenever the bedroom door has been left open.