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Torrie Boggs

Project Management Director

As our project management director, Torrie gets to use her considerable management and organizational skills to achieve clients' goals, while her happy, laid-back attitude and the twinkle in her eye make every meeting, email, and conversation a joy.

Desk Aesthetic: Artsy Simplicity

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Professional experience

Torrie received her bachelor's degree in social work from Valparaiso University and spent 3 of her years there as the dance team captain, not only because of her skill as a dancer, but because of how much she enjoyed being a part of,and leading, a team. 

However, after growing up outside of Chicago, Torrie and her husband needed a change of scenery—figuratively and literally—and they chose to relocate to Knoxville.

Today, Torrie uses her extensive experience in case management, project management, and inbound marketing to really listen to clients, solve problems quickly, analyze data, work well under pressure, and stay organized while managing her clients' success over long periods of time.

She hasn't stopped wanting to help people, though, and continues to serve as a mentor with tnAchieves.

Personal Side

After work, Torrie enjoys family time with her husband and son exploring Knoxville, going out on boats, and binge-watching stuff on Netflix. 

On a perfect day, she might read a whole novel in one sitting, watch a UT game, bake her favorite cookie dough surprise cupcakes, and take up a new hobby. Recently, she's been experimenting with calligraphy, but she would prefer it if you don't ask her to demonstrate