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Yvonne Bertovich

Content Marketing Specialist

In her role as VIEO’s Content Marketing Specialist, Yvonne spends her days ensuring that client needs are met through informative, researched, search-engine-optimized content that aligns perfectly with their business goals. Using the latest industry trends as a guide and following a carefully-crafted customized content strategy, Yvonne creates customized content for emails, blogs, websites, and more.

Desk Aesthetic: The Office Jellyfish Shrine

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Professional experience

Yvonne has previously bestowed her research, copywriting, and editing expertise to a number of companies across the East Coast. Most recently, she served as an Editor/Content Creator for a Boston/NYC company, working with both AI and medical professionals to empower the public with accurate health information. 

Before that, she served as a freelance author and editor for a Florida publisher, while writing three young adult books and contributing to others. You heard right, she’s published three non-fiction books — she'd be happy to fill you in on pet-sitting, the mafia, and female athletes any time! 

Personal Side

In her spare time, Yvonne writes raps, drives around in her beloved truck (a.k.a. Truck Norris), and takes in all the Smoky Mountain scenery she can find. She also loves staying active and roasting vegetables (as well as people, but only via jokes, of course). Yvonne also lightly cheers for her alma mater, the University of Florida, as well as her idol, LeBron James. 

Awards & certifications