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So Haute Right Now: Elevated Design for Top Tier Catering 

Attend enough of them and it can feel like all events -- from weddings to executive conferences -- feature the same lukewarm chicken dish and wilted salad. Sadly, it can feel that way with catering service websites as well. But when a company offers fun, modern, elegant twists on staid culinary standards, it's only natural that it should have a site to match.

All Occasion Catering wanted to give their visitors a web experience that looked as eye-catching and appetizing as their food, but provided easy internal access and maintenance as well.
In partnership with Fletcher PR, VIEO delivered a custom WordPress website with advanced functionality to help make updating and adding to their wide range of seasonal, themed, and customizable menus simple.

But the best part is the ease of use it offers for clients. The site provides a custom menu organization system for modification of their menu items, and a venues system to showcase some of the beautiful locations and event spaces in which All Occasion Catering operates. The end result is a deliciously stunning website that works to meet the company's marketing goals.


All Occassion Catering homepage.

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