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INFLUENCE AT WORK website on devices.

Helping the "Godfather of Influence" Reach a Wider Audience 

Dr. Cialdini is widely regarded as the "Godfather of Influence," and many of the best-known influence professionals either trained with him or based their methods on his work. Our goal was to ensure his public profile accurately reflected his expertise and his importance in his field. 

We first worked with INFLUENCE AT WORK back in 2011, when they came to us to redesign their website. Though that site was very successful and even won a Silver ADDY Award, by 2015, it was time to consider a website redesign. This time around, there was one big difference—we were launching a growth-driven inbound marketing strategy right along with the new website.

Our goals were to create a website that reflects Dr. Cialdini's broad influence, update and optimize the existing content to improve SEO, and create an ongoing growth-driven inbound marketing strategy that would share his value and grow his audience


INFLUENCE AT WORK's homepage after VIEO Design's website design.

Internal Page

Example of an internal page from INFLUENCE AT WORK's website redesign.

To build a website that would serve as "home base" for IAW's growth, we used the highly flexible WordPress CMS, which allowed us to incorporate the existing ecommerce store and add HubSpot tracking for closed-loop conversion analysis and reporting.

Visually, the IAW team wanted something brighter, cleaner, and less masculine. To accomplish this, we turned to a warmer neutral color palette, using dark colors only in a strategic way. For example, the main image on the home page is the only darker element on the page, but it draws attention to exactly the right place.  

To complement the neutral color palette, we added pops of red to reflect their logo. The touches of red allowed us to weave in their branding while keeping the site bright and airy.

The real strength of this redesign was the way we incorporated Dr. Cialdini's work on the principles of persuasion. In particular, we modified to the homepage layout to utilize the principles of authority and social proof, using details of Dr. Cialdini's experience, high-profile clients like TIME and Forbes, and a recommendation from none other than Guy Kawasaki. We couldn't be happier with the results. 

We interviewed many companies before deciding on VIEO Design. Their combination of creativity, technology, business, marketing, art, and clear communication makes them a wise business investment.

Bobette Gorden, Vice President

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