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Classic Form, Modern Style

To be competitive in the current marketing landscape, even traditional businesses need to be digital to stand out. But where great web design and thoughtful strategy can create much broader reach than ever before, they can't always provide the same immediate, material effect that paper can. 

To that end, we worked with furniture manufacturer, Overman International, to produce a print-ready marketing solution that would complement their exisiting site and help drive sales. 

The deliverable needed to be rendered in a downloadable format that would also be easy for our client to edit or update in the future. The final result was a catalog featuring clean, streamlined design centered on images and technical data for their stylish line of furniture. We're proud to have designed a product that reflects the Overman International brand, allowing their beautiful, well-made furniture to take the spotlight.

Overman Catalog

Overman Catalog Render

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