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Website Changes and Strategy, Design, and Management of PPC and Google Display Network Campaigns

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Ad Strategies for Three Branches of the Same Major Brand

We began working with the Rusty Wallace Automotive Group when they came to us to execute PPC and Google Display Network campaigns for their North Knoxville and Alcoa Kia locations, their Chevrolet dealership in Clinton, and their Honda dealership in Knoxville.

The client's goal was to drive traffic to their inventory specials, and we were able to do that with design elements that earned customer attention, reflected our premium quality of design, and met the make and model standards set by the national brands. 

Our ads have yielded impressive click-through rates, with an all-time CTR of 4.2% for search ads (4X the local industry average) and 0.6% CTR for Google Display Network ads. On top of that, 24% of all email leads during this period have been a direct result of PPC efforts.

To support the advertising campaigns, we assisted the Rusty Wallace dealerships with website changes that involved working with industry-specific content management systems like DealerOn, and CDK. 

Kia in particular had website challenges to address. They had a website for each of their two locations, as well as a central website the combined the full inventory of both locations. We seamlessly merged all 3 websites in to one, to prevent them from competing with themselves in search engine results.

Next, we added a website plugin called Lead Flows to collect contacts through pop-up lead capturing, which resulted in an overall increase in leads of 32%. 

Lastly, we implemented a call tracking and monitoring campaign to:

- Identify gaps in employee training
- Troubleshoot customer service
- Gauge customer interest in different products and services
- Find missed sales opportunities
- Track the ROI of promotional offers
Call tracking was very successful for Rusty Wallace. For example, we noticed that a specific ad generated more phone calls than previous ads. We then analyzed what was done differently and used the same approach moving forward. This type of strategy would not be possible without the use of call tracking and proper reporting; our call tracking reports are customized and detailed, complete with conversion tracking and month-by-month suggestions for improvement.

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