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The Client

When we began working with Steve Ward and Associates, their priority was a website redesign that shared the aesthetic of their work to set the tone for relationships with future clients. The final product not only accomplished those goals, but was awarded a Bronze Citation of Excellence at the 2015 Knoxville ADDY Awards. From there, we grew into an inbound marketing plan focused on communicating their company culture and values alongside the necessary technical information about products and services.

Steve Ward and Associates, Inc. serves customers in the healthcare, education, and research industries as a full service dealer for institutional casework, laboratory furniture and custom architectural millwork. They also provide design, engineering, project management and installation for their clients. In essence, they make institutional spaces both beautiful and functional—much like we do with websites.


Homepage of Steve Ward & Associates after VIEO website design.

Internal Pages

Steve Ward & Associates Internal Culture Page

Steve Ward & Associates Internal Products Page 

The Work

Because this well-established brand has been on the web for so long (they launched their first website in 1997), they've been through several redesigns. This time, they wanted to leave behind a website that could only be updated by techies and move on to a custom WordPress site that their marketing director can update easily as their company and product lines grow.

There was one important element of the site that wasn't powered by WordPress—the blog, which we built with the HubSpot CMS. The HubSpot software can track sales lead activity not only on the blog, but across the entire website and even on linked social media accounts. This allows the sales and marketing teams to respond more nimbly to the needs of potential customers and create content with the best possible ROI at every stage in the marketing funnel. 

As with all of the websites we design, we approached the Steve Ward and Associates site with the inbound marketing methodology in mind. As we design and develop a website, we're thinking about what information visitors are looking for at different stages of the buyer's journey and how to use design elements to nurture them along that journey. We base this not on intuition, but on years of experience researching the psychology of design and working with powerful tracking software that reveals visitor behavior.

The Steve Ward and Associates website uses custom imagery of their projects to showcase their work, and front page CTAs funnel visitors to the services they need by industry type. We also used high-design internal pages and new informational videos to educate visitors, add visual appeal, and build trust. Thanks to site-wide HubSpot integration, they're now able to track visitor behavior and easily measure which of their marketing efforts have the highest ROI.

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