PPC Management and Digital Advertising

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 Pay-per-click and other forms of digital advertising, sometimes called “paid media,” have changed a lot in the past few years. Today, PPC, display, and social media ads can easily supplement and even play key roles in an inbound marketing strategy.

But not just anyone can run a successful PPC campaign. Many fail—usually because the people running them aren't taking the time to understand your customer's needs, wants, and goals. That's what makes us different. As an inbound marketing agency, understanding your buyer persona is essential to every service VIEO Design offers, from PPC to blogging, social media, and website design.

We will work with you to create a clear strategy for accomplishing your goals, complete with benchmarks for progress—and then get down to business writing and designing digital ads that get higher click-through rates, landing pages with lower bounce rates, and most importantly, better conversion rates.

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What does PPC management involve?

VIEO's digital advertising specialists stay on top of PPC best practices for a wide range of platforms, including Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Bing Ads, and native ads on social media platforms. Our focus is always using your ad budget in the most effective way possible to drive actual customers, not just traffic. To do that, we put more energy into the strategy and planning behind your project than many of our competitors.

 When you choose us to manage your PPC and digital advertising, we:

  • Conduct detailed customer, competitor, and market research
  • Audit and analyze existing campaigns to improve performance
  • Set up and manage targeted PPC campaigns that support your inbound strategy
  • Craft ad copy that taps into customer motivations, leading to better click rates
  • Design PPC landing pages to improve bounce rates and conversion rate
  • Dynamically adjust budget allocation to drive best results
  • Work to improve your quality score so your ads get better placement
  • Deliver reliable reporting that’s focused on demonstrating ROI

When employed to attract and convert your buyer persona, PPC can be surprisingly successful at delivering quality traffic and leads for both B2B and B2C businesses. 
As a Google AdWords Certified inbound marketing agency, we specialize in building campaigns that appeal to your ideal customer and integrate seamlessly with your inbound strategy, resulting in better ROI across the board. 


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