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VIEO’s award-winning custom web design strategy combines inbound marketing philosophy with influence psychology

to create dynamic, mobile-first websites

how we make your site your mvp

With VIEO, your digital marketing strategy will be like a butterfly in spandex — flexible, evolving, and truly a sight to behold. We have a talented team of experts ready to harness a combination of creative tools and technology to build a strategy guaranteed to deliver measurable results.


We’ve been building secure websites on the world’s most widely-used CMS since 2009 — so obviously we know what we’re doing! With our award-winning custom design — no templates here! — plus WordPress’s open-source software the possibilities are endless.

VIEO's custom framework

Optimized for speed and performance, our framework eliminates the “bulk” of templated sites. Plus, you’ll never see another site like yours out there - it’s just as unique as the rest of your business.

Flexible Content System

Drag-and-drop "building blocks" allow you to create beautiful pages while easily managing and growing your website. We build sites with marketing on the mind, so it's easy for you to make quick changes without having to be a “techie.”


If you are interested in housing your website on HubSpot you’ve come to the right place! Our company is one of the few in the country with developers that have extensive experience developing for the HubSpot CMS. From designing Landing Pages to entire websites (like VIEO’s!), we specialize in Hubspot development.


If you sell online, ecommerce integration is kind of a big deal, and there’s no one-size-fits all solution. Interested in Shopify? WooCommerce? No idea what either of those are? Don't worry! We'll work with you to find the right solution for your Ecommerce needs.


Businesses can't ignore SEO when 75% of searchers never leave the 1st page of search engine results. Lucky for you, we’re SEO experts. We’ll make sure your site has a great new foundation - and keep building on it with SEO copywriting and ongoing SEO services.

Hosting & Support

No need to call your cousin who "does web stuff" when something breaks. VIEO Support offers support plans for whatever you need - and they all include security and nightly backups.

Website as a Marketing Platform

Remember "marketing on the mind"? Yeah, we thought you might. It means that we will always make sure you have the tools you need to leverage your site for growth and conversions. CTAs, lead generation and management, conversion tools… we’ve got it all, and you can too.


Okay, we’ve helped you set up this beautiful, converting website, now what? Who’s going to manage it when we leave? Have no fear! We’ll make sure your in-house team is thoroughly trained on all the tools you need to manage your website — no developer necessary.

You don't have to take our word for it

Every web design team tells you how amazing they are, so we get it if you’re skeptical. Check out our portfolio, reviews, and case studies to see our words in action. See? We’re just as awesome as we promised.

View Testimonials

What VIEO has done for me and our company is nothing short of incredible. From SEO strategy to website design to content creation, they spend every day working hard to exceed our expectations. The VIEO team is friendly, incredibly talented, and a joy to work with, and, most importantly, they get the job done!


We aren't just all talk — and we can prove it

We know. You don't want to hear us tell you what we can do, you want to see it for yourself. So take a look! Check out some of our favorite projects to see firsthand exactly what we bring to the table.

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What to expect when you're expecting ... a digital strategy

This plan sounds great - a website that works hard for you, looks incredible, and is backed by a great team making sure everything is working perfectly. But what happens between signing the contract and welcoming your new website into the world?

We don’t want to leave you in the dark - it’s your website, after all. Here’s what you can expect.

QA checklist
Go live


We’ll work with you to assess your goals and get your website working towards them. We analyze your current web design, perform a thorough audit, and figure out where our efforts will make the biggest impact.


We’ll create a wireframe and full-color mockup of your new website, so you’ll know exactly what it’ll look like when it’s finished. That includes getting approved content up and running, too.


This is where the magic happens. Well, this is where all the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript happens. Basically all the functionality and cool stuff you want your website to do - now it can!


Next, we thoroughly poke every inch of that website on every device imaginable. If there are any bugs to squash, now’s the time to get them. Our whole team is involved in this process to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Go Live

It’s time to launch! Take a second to be a proud parent. We launch your site and keep a careful eye on it while it takes its first steps. That way, we’re ready to correct any challenges that may arise in the approximately 48 hours it takes your website to fully launch.


But you’re not done with us yet! We’ll make sure that your in-house team is ready to handle any changes or updates in the future. In the now, we’ll stay beside you for the first 30 days to handle whatever weirdness your new website throws our way. And if you’d rather not go it alone, you don’t have to! We offer long-term growth-driven programs to help you manage the site. Just think of us as trusty god-parents — always at the ready when you need a sitter!


Let's talk cost.


We know, you want a real number, and not just a phone number to call for a quote later. We hear you and we get it!

With an average website, you could expect to spend as much as $12,000, but we will work with you to create a custom quote centered around exactly the features, functionality, and goals you need. Whether it's a basic, single-page website starting at $3,000 or something more elaborate, like a multi-page ecommerce site, we'll get you the perfect website for your goals, needs, and budget — and all after an initial consultation that's 100% FREE!

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