VIEO started out as a web design company, so it goes without saying that we love to craft beautiful, effective websites.

VIEO started out as a web design company, so it goes without saying that we love to craft beautiful, effective websites.

But we know your website can’t just be a pretty face. Your ROI is how we measure our success, so we pay as much attention to the functionality, user experience, and SEO value of your website as we do to the design concept.

Throughout our design process, we focus on visually engaging your visitors and converting them into happy, long-term customers. 

Most businesses receive a large volume of web traffic from mobile devices, and it's only going to increase. Responsive website designs that are built to display on any device are the ideal solution, but not all developers know how to build them well. We carefully code your website so that it will look amazing and function beautifully on any web-enabled platform.

Does your business accept orders or payments online? We have extensive experience creating and redesigning ecommerce websites. For ecommerce businesses, their websites are their livelihoods, and a redesign can be terrifying. Preserve your peace of mind by working with a company that knows how to migrate your store to a new ecommerce provider without jacking up your tax structure and inventory numbers.

Why the CMS Matters

A content management system (CMS) organizes the information on a website and acts as the user interface. The CMS used to develop your website determines such important factors as how easy it is to publish a blog post, change a staff photo, or newsletter subscription form.

gold-badge-colorWe chose to work with the WordPress CMS and HubSpot CMS because we want all of our clients to be comfortable using their own websites when we "hand over the keys."

We include thorough training with every website project, so you can be comfortable adding pages and posts, inserting images and links, uploading documents, and even changing the menu navigation. You don’t have to be a tech genius to be confident working with your website—but if you are, both WordPress and HubSpot give you the flexibility and power you want.

Make Your Website a Marketing Machine

Today, when someone is searching for the products or services you provide, the internet is the first place they look. Not only do you need engaging, professional website design, but you also need to attract visitors, convert leads, close sales, and delight your customers so they become advocates for your brand.

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