VIEO began as a web design agency, and an important part of what has made us so successful is our time-tested website design process. We prioritize not only our clients' goals, but also the ways they prefer to communicate and interact. This personalized client care not only leads to better client experiences (and reviews!), but also produces higher-quality websites more quickly.

Our project managers are at the heart of the web design process. They serve as the client's central point of contact, keeping them informed about the project status, giving them ample time and notification when we need information or feedback, and answering any and all questions.

They also coordinate with each part of our internal team, from the designers and developers to the copywriter. Using project management software to organize and monitor all aspects of your project, your PM is responsible for keeping things on track and making sure that no detail is left behind.

The first step in the web design process is a design consultation. During this meeting, we discuss in detail how you want the website to look and feel, but we also talk about who your ideal customers are, how visitors will use your site, and what your primary conversion goals are. For a deeper dive into the goals of the design consultation and what you can do to prepare, read this post from our chief creative, Paul Gibson.

The web design process can be challenging, but that's because a whole team of people is working together to produce something important, complex, and absolutely essential to your business—a marketing-driven website that will bring in visitors, convert them into leads, and help you close business. Make no mistake; experience matters. If you'd like to learn more about what sets VIEO apart, we'd be happy to talk. 


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