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our history

  1. VIEO Design Is Born
    Born 2008

    Co-founders Rob Spurlock and Paul Gibson brought together their web design, development, and hosting experience in 2008 to form VIEO Design. Their goal was to "weave together" their creative and technological talents, so they chose a Latin name that means exactly that.

  2. VIEO Design Begins to Grow
    Built 2009

    VIEO started to become the web design agency we are today when Holly Yalove joined the team in 2009 as the CMO. Her considerable marketing and corporate management skills were essential to the growth we would experience in the coming years.

  3. VIEO Design Awards
    First Award 2011

    In 2011, VIEO won our first web design award, a silver ADDY—and we never stopped. We won our first gold ADDY in 2013, and we've racked up an impressive trophy shelf since that time. 

  4. VIEO Design Growth
    Explosive Growth 2013

    For VIEO, 2013 was a year of change. We implemented our first national ad campaign, became a HubSpot partner agency, and almost doubled in size. It not only brought us a number of our leadership team members; 2013 also set the tone for the company we are today.

  5. gold-badge-color
    Gold Agency Status 2014

    After becoming a HubSpot Partner Agency, VIEO rose quickly in the ranks to become a Gold Partner Agency in 2014. Maintaining that status requires that we not only to sell and manage the HubSpot software, but meet a demanding minimum Customer Happiness Index. Today, we're not only a Gold HubSpot Solutions Partner, we're also agency designated to lead the Knoxville HubSpot User Group (HUG).

  6.  Web Design, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Branding, Print and Digital Advertising, Copywriting
    VIEO Spreads the Word on Inbound 2015

    VIEO spread the word about the benefits of inbound marketing campaigns in 2015 — and people listened. Holly Yalove and VIEO were featured in Cityview magazine’s “Knoxville’s Women in Media,” discussing VIEO’s commitment to great customer service and the power of a great inbound strategy.

  7. Top 51 Visually Appealing Websites Using Inbound Marketing
    Beautiful Inside and Out! 2016

    We're beautiful inside and out! In 2016, VIEO received an award for "Top 51 Visually Appealing Websites Using Inbound Marketing" for the first time (we earned another one in 2018)! Turns out people love our "eye-catching design" and user-friendly layout.

  8. Top 100 Marketing Blogs
    Blogging for the Future! 2017

    As an advocate of inbound marketing, the VIEO team spends a lot of time cultivating our informative and pun-fueled blog. In 2017, we were thrilled to see just how helpful it’s been—the blog was included as #31 in the Top 100 Inbound Marketing Blogs!

  9. VIEO Tenth Anniversary
    Ten Year Anniversary 2018

    We celebrated our 10th year in business in 2018. Our Chief Strategist & Principal, Holly, wrote this blog post all about what we dubbed as our "Tennenial." It goes into more detail about our adventures as we've grown. 

  10. 11-year-badge
    Today 2019 - 2020

    VIEO has grown into a tight-knit team of 16. Still obsessed with high-quality, cutting-edge web design and digital marketing, we also leverage a growth-driven marketing approach, a more nimble and flexible way for our ongoing marketing services to deliver impressive ROI.

Our People

At VIEO, we know that our team is our most important resource. Our people have a wide range of talents, interests, and experiences, and it's for that reason that we have so much to offer to our similarly diverse clientele. As a company, we believe in giving our employees valuable educational experiences alongside exciting career opportunities. Not only does this ensure that we’re always at the top of our game for our clients, but it also keeps our team happy and engaged in our success as a company.

Meet Our Team

  • OUR
  • ONE
    We are obsessed with the quality of our work.
  • TWO
    Our designs and marketing strategies are highly creative and innovative.
    We measure our success by our clients’ ROI.
  • FOUR
    We constantly track key performance indicators to help clients improve quickly and continuously grow.
  • FIVE
    We continuously “inspect what we expect” to ensure that we are elevating our clients’ big ideas as planned.
  • SIX
    We believe in giving our employees valuable educational experiences alongside exciting career opportunities.
    We want our work environment to be both fun and challenging, without sacrificing productivity or professionalism.

Our Name

VIEO (pronounced "VEE-oh") is a Latin word meaning “to weave together.”

Our co-founders Rob Spurlock and Paul Gibson came up with our unique name before VIEO even had a website, inspired by the way they were weaving together the artistic and technical elements of web design and marketing.

Little did they know that years down the road, they would be getting search traffic for "vieo XXX" and other, shall we say, unrelated search terms involving a misspelling of the word "video."

Even though our name began as a bit of a stumbling block, the search engine optimization (SEO) skills that we've honed over the years have helped us not only overcome that challenge, but go on to become one of Alexa's top 150,000 sites in the world.

Our Culture

Our team's collective years of experience and impressive range of skills are just a couple of the things that make us unique. We also like to be ourselves, and create an environment for our clients that is both professional and easygoing.

We set ourselves apart through superior customer service and ongoing dedication to quality for every project, from consultation to completion. VIEO treats our customers as a part of our family, focusing on clear communication and active support to maintain great rapport and strong relationships with our clients.

Sure, sometimes we get distracted for a few minutes by a funny viral video or spend too long debating whether light sabers are possible, but who we are is key to what we do. Our creative energy is the source of our innovative ideas and quality-driven work ethic, and we give each project everything we’ve got.


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